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An e-learning course on innovation, that teaches your people how to generate ideas that unlock massive market opportunities, in under 12 hours.

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Our methodology is borne from helping some of the world’s most well-known and ambitious brands stay ahead of their competition.

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Should your team require help, our innovation experts are on-hand to walk your team through the course.

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Learnings that can be used many times over to create new products, services and strategies that solve business challenges.

What we do

We teach teams how to create scalable ideas that keep their organisations relevant to their customers, and ahead of their competition.

Upskill your people so they can learn the same process that leading-brands use to develop new ideas for new products, services and business strategies.

Brands who have experienced the process

Our Mission

To get One Million people into newly created jobs as a result of organisations creating new products, services and marketing strategies from this course.

For every course that is purchased, we give away three free course passes to micro-businesses and startups to further help fuel job creation.

Built by Innovators

Our intuitive online course has been built so that it can be easily followed. Alternatively, one of our innovation experts can walk your team through the entire course.


Nikolas Venios

Nikolas is an Innovation Strategist and our Founder. He has worked with some of the most well-known businesses in the world to help them unlock new market, product and service opportunities. He has a background in product design, marketing & innovation.
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Course Chapters

Four chapters. Incredible results.

Chapter 1


Create ideas with impact. Get your team on the same page, state your challenge and visualise your outcome.

  • Mission Map
  • Pre-flight Rules
  • The Obvious

Chapter 2

Lift off

The key to really successful ideas is a brilliant question. Learn how to develop a brilliant question before using it, your assumptions about it, and your customer persona map to start generating new ideas.

  • The Launchpad
  • Expanding Assumptions
  • Persona Map



Develop inspirational ideas that are beyond the normal confines of what you think is possible. On the other side of these individual exercises are incredible ideas that can transform your organisation’s products, services and marketing strategies.

  • This time it’s persona(l) ideas
  • The terrible template
  • Random connections
  • Planet Power


Landing on the Moon

Now your team has a number of quality ideas your challenge, it’s time to start filtering and refining them.

In this final chapter of the process, we look at how to map out an idea, and it’s faults so we can build a process map for prototyping the most feasible of the ideas so that organisations have the confidence to scale them up.

  • Voting
  • Filtering Ideas
  • Selecting an Idea to make happen
  • Landing List

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