Welcome to The Ideas Academy!

The most forward-thinking organisations don’t tell their staff to go into a room and do some blue-sky thinking. They give their staff tools and processes so that they have the best chance of coming up with a game-changing idea.

The Ideas Academy was set up to give your people these tools and teach them how to generate ideas that solve problems & unlock massive market opportunities.

Through our online learning portal, your team will learn a process for creating game-changing solutions to your product, service, customer, marketing or business challenges.

Our learning portal allows your team to

Collaborate on a challenge even if they are working from separate locations

Apply their learnings to continually solve new business challenges

keep your organisation one step ahead of the competition


Our team has generated product and service ideas for some of the worlds most recognisable brands.

We want to share our process for creating these ideas with businesses who perhaps are not as large (yet) as the brands we have worked with, but have the ambition to get there.

In order to facilitate collaborative learning, we’ve made it as easy as possible for your team to use our tools, by creating them in Powerpoint, editable PDF and Word format so they can be used right away.