Collaboration made easy

is your team scattered across locations? Some working from the office, from home, from a beach in Brighton? No problem.

We’ve made it super-simple for teams to collaborate. All our tools are formated in PowerPoint, Word or Editable PDF files making them easy to download and use.

Set up your favourite conferencing platform (Zoom, Skype, Teams etc) and start the course.

For Enterprise users, we encourage you make contact with us as we are able to create custom pricing plans to suit the needs of the organisation and team.

Our learning portal allows your team to

Collaborate on a challenge even if they are working from separate locations

Zero team upskilling time, all our tools are in Word, PowerPoint or editabe PDF meaning your team can work together on them right away

Save all ideas, customer journeys, process maps and more for review later on


Why wait until the team is all together in the same location to start our course? Using our preformatted tools in PowerPoint, Word or editable PDF, they can all access the course, and collaborate on each exercise straight away. Simple.